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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between a FREE and a PAID membership?

The sign-up process for becoming either a FREE or PAID member is the same, just go to the 'JOIN FREE' page and start filling in your details. You will then get to choose the type of membership package you want.

Whether you've got a FREE or PAID account you get to add up to 3 friends who can describe you with simple tick box options and they also get to write a personal description or message about you (which you get to approve before it goes live).

With both accounts you can also add favourites, and be added as a favourite, and send Virtual Gifts to other members, but to really get chatty with someone you'll need a PAID membership.

With a PAID membership you have the facility to send secure messages to other members to start setting up your dates. FREE members won't be able to read the message you send them but they will know you have sent them one, which might just persuade them to become full members.

How safe is it to use your site?

The systems we have designed and put in place are as safe as we can make them. Your personal details do not get published anywhere on the site. Members are displayed by their first name only, so no-one gets to see your full name or email address.

Meeting someone in a bar or club has it's dangers anyway, so in many ways using our site could be a safer option. Using our site you will be able to chat to people who have caught your eye, without ever having to give away any personal contact info. That way if the conversation goes south like the Titanic you can just block that user from contacting you and move on to someone else.

For more information on safety please see our Guidelines page.

Why are you much cheaper than the rest of the dating sites I've seen?

Our membership costs have been set at what we think is the best value for money of any dating site around, considering what we offer.

We're more than half the price of the other major dating websites,, mysinglefriend, eharmony, Match Affinity, Dating Direct etc. Most of these sites are more than double what we charge.

1 Month - $5

3 Month - $15

6 Month - $25

Other sites will make it sound like they're offering you something extra, something special, but lets face it, all dating sites (including us) are essentially offering the same service, and that's helping introduce people to one another.

Our site is no different from any other dating or relationship website, our aim is to ultimately help you find someone special. What we do offer that is different is trying to bring a bit of fun and camaraderie to your online experience in an appealing and feature rich website that offers great value for money.

What shall I write about myself?

The main thing is to make sure it's honest, whatever you write, make it truthful.

Try and keep it light hearted and upbeat, try and type how you would speak to someone, this helps get across a bit of your personality.

Try and cover some of the following points to help describe you:

I've created my profile, but what do I do next?

If you haven't done so already when signing up, why not add some friends to help you find a date.

Friends get to write about and describe you to potential matches, have friends describe you honestly will add kudos to your profile. Friends can also search our members and make recommendations that will appear in your profile pages.

Don't just sit there and wait for people to contact you, start searching!

There's lots you can do to help people take notice of your profile; adding people to your favourites list, send a Virtual Gift to someone you like or send them a message. You have to be in it to win it.

How long will it take for my profile to be approved?

For security reasons, your safety and the integrity of our website, we manually check every profile to approve it (or not!).

Even though we approve profiles manually we are still aiming to have every profile approved within 24 hrs of being submitted. Although this may not be the case at weekends or bank holidays, but we will always try our best to get them approved asap.

Are my personal details safe with you?

We will never pass on your personal details to any other person or businesses.

The details you have entered to create your profile is held on our secure servers, which only we have access to.

And what about my credit/debit card details?

If you decide to become a paid member of our site, after selecting your desired package you will be taken to Paypal to make your payment. Paypal is currently our preferred payment provider due to it's large user base and security.

Paypal will handle your payment on their system so we will never see or have access to your credit card details.

Why don't you automatically re-bill me?

We decided when building our site to make it one of the most user-friendly online dating sites on the web.

It may seem a bit of a pain to have to upgrade to a paid membership every time it reverts back to a free membership but we felt that it would have been more painful to have us automatically re-billing you.

We prefer to give our users as much freedom of choice as possible; for example if you're going on holiday for a couple of weeks and your paid membership is about to expire, then you can wait until you get back from your hols before upgrading back to a paid membership. This way you won't be paying for something you're not using.

I bought a paid membership but have changed my mind, can I get a refund?

If you're new to online dating or just want to see what our site is like then you can sign-up for free and use most of our features. Therefore for this reason we do not usually offer refunds.

If you made a mistake when signing up and accidently selected (and paid for) a paid membership then please contact our Admin team within 48hrs of signup and we will do our best to resolve the issue.

These FAQ's haven't helped me at all. I need help, how can I contact you?

Ah! Sorry. It took ages to write this lot as well!

Have a look at our Contact page for more information on contacting us.

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